Welcome, I'm Klara, she/her.

An English and Swedish speaking doula based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the North East of England. I'm  addicted to Tea and have an unhealthy obsession with buying bed linen.

2008 was the year I rocked up in Sweden and 15 years later there are still people who think I moved to Switzerland.

I have four children who were all born here in Gothenburg. My first born is now a teenager, the twins are months away from double digits and the (3) threenager is wild beyond his years. I've realised even with four children, i'll always be a first time mum, each one of them giving me a new road to navigate.

Before birthing tiny humans, my head was in the clouds, literally, as I spent many years working as a flight attendant. However since finding out I was pregnant with my first child, my feet have been firmly on the ground and i've spent over a decade working within education, more specifically in the Special Educational Needs department (SEN).

Simply put, I've always worked in roles where care of people is primary, safety and the ability to remain calm under pressure, is paramount.

Pregnancy, birth and the journey into early parenthood is my absolute P A S S I O N. My goal and reason for starting The Birth Suite is to offer inclusive, impartial advice, evidence based information and all round support to help you and your new family grow, to find a balance and pace that feels comfortable to you while the rest of the world keeps spinning outside of the baby bubble.

In addition to both birth and postpartum doula support, I offer birthpool rental for home births as well as individual and group birth preparation classes. I also offer Hypnobirthing classes, pregnancy relaxation workshops, positive caesarean workshops, Birthblessing ceremonies and the 3 step rewind programme for trauma relief. I'm a certified VBAC doula. (CD TVL)

For more information about birth support, birth pool rental or upcoming classes, click on the appropriate page in the main menu or get in touch via one of the options on the contact page.