Birth Pool Rental:

'Aquadural before Epidural?'

Warm water is relaxing and helps reduce any pain, the waters touch against your skin, stimulates the birthing hormone Oxytocin.

The water helps you feel weightless enabling you to move more freely. The shape of the pool gives you that cocooned, safe feeling positive to birth.

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Birth Pool in a Box Eco Pro

This easily inflated pool is designed especially for giving birth in water or when you want to be in water during the early and active phases of labour.

The pool is available for rental within Västra Götaland.

Pool & Rental Details:

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Birth Pool in a Box is comfortable and welcoming with handles in the right places.

It has a built in seat for bonding with baby after birth.

The pool can be easily adjusted to the right height for you, with three independent chambers.

Includes a cup holder to make sure you stay easily hydrated throughout labour.

Easy to clean and rental includes a one time use hygiene liner.

Rental Term from week 37+0 to week 41+6

Rental includes one time hygiene liner, air pump for inflation and deflation of the pool, floor protection mat, storage backpack for easy and convenient transportation and instructions for use.

The pools are collected from The Birth Suite in Askim (Göteborg) and should be returned to the same address within a week of the birth.

The pool can be rented for 1300:- if you have already booked birth doula services with The Birth Suite or for 1500:- for non birth doula clients.

A booking fee/security deposit of 500:- is payable at time of booking. This fee will be fully refunded with a week after the pool being returned free from damage.

The rental fee is payable at time of booking but is fully refundable until pregnancy week 37+0, should your homebirthing plans change.

The Birth Pool in a Box can be used in early labour as an alternative to a bath or shower.

Warm water is known for it's relaxing properties and is often the choice of pain relief in those early stages of labour whilst still at home.

The most common use for a birth pool is for a home birth.

In the comfort of your own home you can use the Birth Pool in a Box Eco Pro during

all stages of labour. There's even room for the birth partner, enabling optimum support.

Birth pool use at Östra Sjukhuset is no longer permitted. There are 5 bath tubs available for use.

Birth Pool in a Box is fit for it's purpose, certified by medical device regulators in both Europe and the USA.

Regularly number one in the birth pool category, over 8,000 births per year are in BPIAB pools.


Klara is THE best! We rented out birthing pool from the birth suite and it could not be more simple to pick up, set up/clean and return. We used the birthing pool for our home birth and we will be happily renting the pool again for our next upcoming birth, along with other fabulous services from the birth suite.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Alyssa Thomé